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Pre-Christmas Office Cleaning Tips

Pre-Christmas Office Cleaning Tips

admin December 14, 2016 0 Comments
Most businesses in North Sydney close for a week or so for the Christmas break and a few more days around New Year. If your company will be following the same norm, it is imperative for you to ensure cleanliness before the doors shut for the holidays. Our experts at Pharo Cleaning Services have created a checklist of pre-Christmas cleaning tips that you can implement for achieving spic and span office premises:
Sanitising Desks
The reason why this measure sits on top of the list is due to the fact that workplace desks account for a major portion of contaminants within an office. And as you might have heard already, computer keyboards house more bacteria than a toilet seat. Therefore, it is very important to wipe and clean all the desks in your commercial premises before everyone leaves for the holidays.
Eliminating The Cobwebs
Though cobwebs are not generally seen at the visible areas, they can exist at times in places with low light penetration and less conspicuousness. Besides that, if there are some hard-to-reach places in your office, they are likely to have a few stray cobwebs. These should be cleared out as well as a part of the festive cleaning mood.
Kitchen Cleaning
If your workplace has its own kitchen, it deserves a thorough cleanup as well. Also, the refrigerator should be ridden of any forgotten, spoiled food that your workers might have left behind. Before clearing the refrigerator, ask your employees to grab anything that they have kept in it, and then have the rest of the items tossed away. The refrigerator must be swabbed down and disinfected properly after that.
Emptying Waste Paper Baskets
Waste paper baskets are also among the greatest waste harbourers in an office. And sometimes, even they might be containing remains of food items or liquids. As such, all of them must be emptied so that they do not spread contaminants and ruin IAQ (indoor air quality) during the holidays.
In case you require professional office cleaning services in North Sydney before the Christmas holidays, get in touch with our team at Pharo. Besides office premises, we can also extend our services to various other commercial establishments.
Was this post useful to you? If yes, then leave a comment to provide us your valuable feedback. And for more posts on commercial cleaning, stay tuned to our blog space.

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