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3 Major Types of Cleaning

3 Major Types of Cleaning

admin March 11, 2014 0 Comments

Cleaning is basically an act or instance of making something or someone free of dirt, mess or marks especially by wiping, washing or brushing. Here we have discussed about three major types of cleaning, which are very popular in our everyday lives.  

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a broad term. It is used by the cleaning companies, which earn an income by being contracted by the individuals, corporations or businesses for carrying out cleaning jobs on different premises. The premises which use commercial cleaning include high-rises, restaurants, shops, offices, showrooms, factories, medical facilities, airports and schools.

Commercial office cleaning companies use different kinds of cleaning methods, equipments and chemicals to expedite and facilitate the cleaning method. Their cleaning jobs include dusting, vacuuming and mopping the floors;  cleaning of desks, chairs, telephones, trash bins, windows, tiles, partition walls, upholstery, and computers. Since some offices have their own kitchens and bathrooms, some cleaning companies also provide kitchen, toilet and bathroom cleaning services. External cleaning and removal of graffiti and other magazines is also incorporated in commercial cleaning.

Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning is very important for safety and health. Injuries due to slips and trips on level floors often occur if the floor is wet or has dirt or grime. Moreover, an untidy floor, which has stains, dust and litter can cause health problems. There are different kinds of floor cleaning machines available today like automatic floor scrubbers, floor buffers, carpet extractors (it can deep clean all kinds of hard floor or carpet flooring surface in much less time) and scrubbers. These equipments are used for thorough cleaning of floors.

Carpet Cleaning

The carpets experience a lot of traffic in the offices and commercial buildings and that makes them dirty quite often. If it is not cleaned but kept in that condition year after year, it will not only become smelly, but its’ longevity will be affected as well. Proper care should be taken of the commercial carpets. Here comes the role of carpet cleaning. Commercial carpet cleaning basically includes carpet vacuuming, stain removal, hot water extraction cleaning, deodorizing and sanitation of the carpets. There are many companies like Pharo Cleaning that can make your carpet look new after offering its  commercial carpet cleaning services.

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