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4 Types Of Flooring Options To Choose For Your Commercial Kitchen

4 Types Of Flooring Options To Choose For Your Commercial Kitchen

admin October 17, 2015 0 Comments
Presently, there are four kinds of flooring options that are being used by commercial kitchens and selecting the right one for your business needs a little bit of knowledge on what each can deliver so that you can make your choice without any problem. 
Vinyl is a common flooring option used in commercial kitchens. It is safe, hard-wearing, strong and has a low-maintenance. It's a cost effective solution to create a safe working environment. The material is soft & pilable and so it becomes easier on feet of the kitchen staff. 
Vinyl is generally available in tiles or sheets. However, kitchen managers mostly prefer installing sheets for minimising the number of joins needed. Modern vinyl material is resistant to very high temperatures and it's very much impermeable to water. The material doesn't have an attractive look like other kinds of commercial flooring options that are available for kitchen but is very reasonable. 
Ceramic tiles 
These tiles are resistant to water, heat and stains and are thus ideal for use in commercial kitchens. They are generally a bit more costly than vinyl but can create an aesthetic, which could be of great importance if the kitchen is on view to the public eye. They are basically treated with glass glaze for added durability & attractive design. A commercial kitchen with this kind of tile however delivers great hygiene benefits, safety and a fantastic aesthetic. 
Stone tiles 
Different kinds of natural stone tiles are available in the market. Some are clefted or brushed for providing extra traction to the feet. But each delivers a unique aesthetic appeal making it ideal for an open kitchen design. No matter what kind you opt for you need to keep in mind that it should be abrasive in nature for preventing slipping. Granite and slate are the most popular choices when it comes to commercial kitchen's flooring materials. These two are very much resistant to water and staining. They are easy to clean as well. Professional cleaning services have no problem cleaning them. People whose budgets are not that high must not think about buying natural stones because they are generally very costly. 
Brick pavers 
Brick pavers should be your choice of you wish to add some textures and colours to your kitchen. This kind of flooring material is typically popular in delis and cafes where people can see the food preparing area right in front of them. They can be fitted all through the entire establishment & along the walls for creating a homely atmosphere. Pavers are even high resistant to staining and water and are durable. However, they need to be sealed because they are susceptible to moisture. 

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