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6 Places In Hotels That Collect the Most Germs

6 Places In Hotels That Collect the Most Germs

admin May 30, 2016 0 Comments
Although most hotel rooms in Australia are generally kept clean and well-maintained, they can still house unexpected viruses and bacteria that often make guests fall sick. There are certain places that need to be cleaned on a regular basis using commercial grade janitorial services for ensuring maximum elimination of disease-causing germs. Our experts at Pharo have, after meticulous research, identified common spots in hotels that are most likely to house germs. They have been described below in detail:
Beddings are one of the topmost germ-infested places in hotels and other accommodation facilities. Reused pillows, decorative cushions, bed throws and dirty sheets are all home to malignant microbes. Hotel beddings are required to be washed and cleaned everyday for ensuring that they do not provide shelter to viruses and bacteria.
Remote Controls
Nowadays, most hotels make use of contemporary TV remote controls with smooth surfaces. These remotes have a lot of crevices that are difficult to clean and can be easily occupied by germs. Thus, when a guest is looking for something good to watch on TV, they might literally be exposing themself to diseases. A good countermeasure is to put hotel remote controls in plastic bag. The plastic would not block the signal and also provide protection against bacteria and viruses.
These are yet another source of diseases for people staying at hotels. How? For example, a guest who had cold used a phone to call room service. After he or she leaves, chances are high for the next guest to catch a cold if he or she uses the same phone. Such problems can be avoided by placing alcohol wipes on mouthpiece, buttons and handset of the telephones.
Coffee Makers
Hotel coffee makers, due to being used by many people, can be storehouses of germs. Therefore, they should always be cleaned properly by running through with hot water several times. In addition to that, the mugs used for serving coffee must be washed and rinsed effectively as well.
Ice Buckets
Ice buckets in hotels can be dirty too, not visibly, but by housing millions of harmful microbes. The cool receptacles are among the top hotspots for contamination. Replacing buckets with plastic bags can help in solving this problem quite a lot.
For more information related to commercial cleanliness as well as cleaning services, stay connected to our blog.

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