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7 Common Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

7 Common Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

admin August 07, 2014 0 Comments
Every year we spent almost billions of dollars on lawn care maintenance. Keep some of them in your pocket this year by avoiding the most common lawn care mistakes that are often made.
Here is our top seven. 

1. Watering excessively: Sprinkler system generally makes it easier to manage and conserve water but mostly they are seen to be the license for non-stop watering. It is in fact sad to watch a sprinkler system run at the time of day as well as during the rain storms.

2. Mowing too short : One of the most common problems in lawn care nowadays is that people are mowing their lawn quite short. We should actually never remove more than 1/3rd of grass blade. If grass is mowed very short, it gets stressed. Usually stressed grasses needs a lot of time to recover and cannot even photosynthesize and re-grow in a proper way. Mowing very low may even cause scalping and create an unhealthy lawn.

3. Inappropriate fertilizer applications: Most of the synthetic fertilizers that contain nitrogen are hot. This means they can burn the lawn. Using the old spreader or one which isn’t at proper setting may cause uneven applications resulting burning or discoloration. So, fertilizers need to be handles with utmost care.

4. Not concentrating on the soil : No matter how much money, time or effort you spend for your lawn, if it has a bad soil nothing is going to improve. Everything about a lawn starts and ends with soil. There are many organisms out there, each having a specific function for breaking down the organic matter and minerals and making them available to grass roots. Always get your soil tested first before starting with lawn care.

5. Using pesticides improperly : Pesticides are generally poisonous, toxic and may have devastating effects on the non-target organisms.  Use them with Integrated Pest Management program. Handle, store and implement them with extreme caution. Make sure to read the label before using. All sorts of information needed for safely using the pesticide is there on the label. 

6. Wrong grass implantation: Different kinds of grass need different amounts of light, temperatures as well as soil types. You may also need various species within same yard depending on the amount of shade present. There are several species of grass for warm and cool season to choose from but your selection should depend on your climate and location. 

7. Ignoring thatch: Too much of thatch prevents nutrients and water from making a way into the soil and reaching the roots. It basically causes shallow rooting as well as causes unhealthy conditions for growing, which may bring diseases. Try aerating or de-thatching once in every year.

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