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7 Reasons Daylight Cleaning Is Better Than Cleaning At Night

admin December 19, 2014 0 Comments
Day cleaning is physically and fiscally healthier. Offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals or any other kind of corporation should always aim to clean their facilities during daylight. There are in fact many reasons why daylight cleaning is better than cleaning at night. Have a look at those reasons:
Human body can work more energetically during day time than night hours
A research proves that a plant may continue to grow but lower its leaves when placed inside and away from sunlight. A research has also shown that human brains response to light-dark cycles. Evidence symbolizes that attempting to override the natural cycles create problems. Disturbing circadian rhythm may lead to seasonal affective disorder, jetlag, delayed sleep phase syndrome and more serious conditions like cancer with night shift work. Research has even indicated that lighting has become an issue of public health. Studies have shown that people who work in natural sunlight are more effective, productive and happier than people who work under artificial light.
Day cleaning raises productivity, health and mental alertness because human being by nature aren’t nocturnal
Human beings unlike some marsupials and bats aren’t nocturnal. They function best physically as well as mentally during day time.
Sunlight that enter through windows enable better visual insight for detecting and removing soils or allergic particles 
Daylight provides quality light, which is necessary for maximum vision and visual perception. It offers full spectrum light required for maintaining a good health and wellbeing. 

Safety and protection
Fewer robberies and physical assaults happen during day time. This makes daytime cleaning programs a lot safer for businesses and workers. Cleaning accidents and challenges are even minimized during daylight. Hygiene and health is also optimized.  It has been found out that daytime cleaning helps in reducing the cross-contamination.
Lowers the usage of electricity 
Daylight cleaning lowers electricity usage, reducing dependency on fossil fuels, which traditionally fuel power plants offering electricity. A number of facilities have noted that day cleaning have reduced their electrical costs by four to eight percent.
Daytime cleaning prevents social and other kind of isolation of working staffs, promoting healthier human relations and better communication between the workers and corporations.
Absenteeism is very less with day cleaning. This is mainly because it is a healthier time to work and supports a better lifestyle for the family of the employees. Greater communication in cleaning method makes for better understanding and quick addressing of the cleaning issues.
Day cleaning engenders greater awareness as well as appreciation for work performed, promoting better public relations and higher self-esteem
People know the cleaning company and do not want to make their job harder by creating a mess. They even acknowledge cleaners and thank them for the job that they have done. Pharo Cleaning Services, the company offering professional office cleaning services in North Sydney, receives compliments more often and in greater numbers when they do their job during day time.

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