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Benefits Of Cleaning During The Day

Benefits Of Cleaning During The Day

admin July 15, 2016 0 Comments
Many business owners still debate whether it is better to clean an office during the day or at night. While there are significant numbers advocating for one or the other, experts have cited day cleaning as more sensible. The foremost reason for their citation - lots of energy savings. When someone is vacuuming or mopping the premises of a workplace at night, the lights must stay on. On the other hand, diurnal cleanliness does not require one to turn on artificial lights because the sun is up and shining bright. Besides that, wet floors need not be heated or cooled, they can dry up overnight. It results in more than 4 to 8 percent power savings every year.
In Australia, there are plenty of offices that hire commercial cleaning companies for janitorial services and the professionals mostly work during the day. According to them, carrying out cleaning tasks when the sun is up can be more beneficial than people seem to speculate. Employees work peacefully knowing that professional cleaners are ensuring a healthy working environment for them. Moreover, it also helps in making a good impression on customers because visitors can see that the business is attempting to uphold a good image with proper upkeep of its premises.
There are plenty of staffing perks as well that can be reaped from day cleaning. Since everyone is present within the building, the hired cleaning professionals make sure to offer quality work, which results in greater job satisfaction. Communication between the janitorial staff and customers also gets enhanced. In addition to that, productivity of employees increases as they are able to focus and concentrate properly in clean surroundings.
Most accommodation facilities such as hotels, motels, resorts, etc. are also in favour of day cleaning. They believe that employing janitors to work at night can cause disturbance to guests and lead to client dissatisfaction. This is the same reason why hospitals and healthcare centres have janitors cleaning their premises during the day. Patient must get a good night’s sleep and the noise of vacuum or carpet cleaning machines can wake them up with a start, which is not at all good.
Pharo Cleaning Services offers cost-effective and top notch commercial cleaning services with daytime/after hours cleaning.
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