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Cleaning Tips For Concrete Floors

Cleaning Tips For Concrete Floors

admin March 10, 2017 0 Comments

There are a number of commercial as well as industrial places that prefer concrete as an ideal flooring material, especially for parking spots, warehouses, office driveways, outdoor cafes, and so on. Once a concrete floor has been installed, it must be maintained properly in order to ensure its durability and prevent premature damages. Although the task of upkeep it not a Herculean one, it can necessitate some elbow grease from the management team. From their years of experience in cleaning different kinds of surfaces, including concrete ones, our experts have recommended some effective tips that can be followed to take care of concrete floors:

Regular Sweeping

Just like any other industrial or commercial flooring material, the ones made of concrete should be swept on a regular basis in order to prevent accumulation of dust, debris and pollutants. Periodic washing should also be a part of the quotidian upkeep tasks. Putting up signs asking people not to litter the area can be great.

Stain Removal

Any spill on a concrete floor must be removed immediately so that stain does not form at the spot. This is because an unattended spill can have severe adverse impact on the exterior coating of the concrete. On the other hand, cleaning up the spill as soon as possible would also help to ensure safety in the work area.

Mild Cleaners

When it comes to mopping a concrete floor, only mild and non-abrasive cleaners should be used. In case a mild cleaner is not available, dishwashing soap can be a good alternative. But not even by mistake should one resort to using ammonia or vinegar, because they can cause serious damage to the surface over time.


Even a good concrete coating may need to be rebuffed so as to retain its shine and counteract fading. Using a buffer at high speed with a white pad can help to bring back the lost appeal of a concrete flooring. It can also aid in enhancing the life of the material.

If you do not have the right people to handle the task of concrete maintenance within your premises, then get in touch at once with Pharo Cleaning Services. We have over 4 decades of experience in providing commercial cleaning services to a wide range of establishments in Chatswood, Forestville, Brookvale and Frenchs Forest in North Sydney.

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