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Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Checklist By Pharo Cleaning Services

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Checklist By Pharo Cleaning Services

admin December 12, 2015 0 Comments
Pharo Cleaning Services specialises in cleaning commercial bathroom and toilet areas. Like other cleaning companies we  follow a checklist as well to ensure that no job is left undone. Here is our checklist: 
Stock restroom supplies 
Toilet paper, hand soap, seat covers and paper towels are some of the items, which must be replenished everyday. We believe that if we forget about these items, our customers become unhappy. 
Empty trash 
Nothing is worse than a waste basket overflowing. With a lot of traffic all through the day, our professionals make sure to check and empty the trash several times a day if need be. Any trash that's not contained inside the bin bag but outside it are also thrown out by us. 
Clean sinks 
Sinks are a great place for bacteria to build. Since we are aware of this, we clean these everyday for reducing the risk of bacteria. We spray antibacterial disinfectant & then wipe the surfaces down with wet paper towel. After we are done with out work, the sink and countertops look shiny and clean always.  
Clean toilets 
Toilets and urinals are used a lot throughout the day. They witness plenty of traffic and thus for obvious reasons we consider cleaning them daily and consider it to be an essential part of our work. We scrub out or wipe off obvious stains from the toilet bowl and spray them with disinfectant. We also wipe down both inside and outside of the bowl. 
Clean walls and restroom stalls 
Nothing is worse than a landscape that looks poor. Although we do not advise our customers to get them cleaned every day, walls and restroom stalls must be wiped down once in a week at least. We remove all markings from walls by using simple scrubbing techniques and others without damaing the property. 
Vacuum and mop floor 
Whether it's wood, linoleum, vinyl or tile, we consider vacuuming and mopping the floors everyday. If not daily, we suggest to get them cleaned at least a few times a week. All floors are first vacummed and cleared of dirt & trash, which are collected & deposited in garbage box. Floors are then mopped thoroughly. We also make sure to place a 'CAUTION' sign until the floors get dried up. 
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