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Common Hard Floor Types & Methods To Clean Them

Common Hard Floor Types & Methods To Clean Them

admin April 01, 2016 0 Comments
While picking a good flooring option, most people fall victim to the temptation of different options available without giving a thought to the maintenance which would follow later. In order to avoid that, it is very important to weigh the drawbacks and benefits of each type properly, as well as the methods which must be followed for cleaning them. Given below are information and details about some popular hard floor types, have a look:
Solid Hardwood
Since wood is highly flexible and resilient, it is undoubtedly a common preference among people looking for durable flooring options. There are several advantages of hardwood flooring. It helps in achieving a warm and natural look in addition to raising the value of a property. While cleaning it, one must first vacuum or dry mop the surface thoroughly and then use a dampened mop along with some detergent to wipe the entire area. Usage of rough brushes must be avoided at all costs, and one should instead utilise soft-bristled brushes and microfibre mops to get the job done.
Laminated floors are yet another popular option that require little maintenance, are cheap and have high resistance against burns, stains, water and scratches. They are ideal for areas with high foot traffic and can be installed easily. They also require very less water for maintenance purposes, and must be vacuumed prior to being wiped with a mop and solution containing 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Use of sponge or string mops is generally discouraged, as they can leave behind streaky marks on the laminates.
An eco-friendly and relatively cheaper option, cork flooring is manufactured using cork obtained from the outer covering oak trees. Although a bit difficult to maintain, it offers a significant amount of insulation against light and heat. It is used primarily in hallway, schools and various public buildings. It can also be maintained quite easily, as regular vacuuming and wiping with water & solution is more than enough.
Tile flooring is extremely versatile and can work well in any place. They may not always be cozy and comfortable, but can be easily matched with the interior decor of a space. The best way to keep the tiles clean is by vacuuming and sweeping the space at first, followed by wiping with a mop and a solution of lukewarm water & a cleaning product.
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