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Duties of an Office Janitor

admin October 20, 2014 0 Comments
Janitors play a vital role in most of the settings ranging from schools to business houses, where they are even called ‘custodians’. Even Hollywood has recognized the value of a janitor and has showed them in glorified roles. 
Many people do not know this but being a janitor isn’t only cleaning toilets and picking up of trash. Janitors are ones who make our lives cleaner and easier using advanced technology. There are some who can also handle complicated machines such as furnaces and air conditioners. The job of a janitor may be taxing on body at times and needs a lot of stamina. If you think that this is a simple job, it is important for you to know that the job involves enough of hard work.
The main function of a janitor is to keep the office neat and clean and in a hygienic condition for the employees. They should have knowledge about the different kinds of cleaning agents that are available and are needed for cleaning floor and windows. The janitor should perform duties such as vacuuming and sweeping that require physical strength to some degree. 
In the office space, an important task of a janitor is to collect trash from each and every unit and dispose it in the right way. Cleaning up desks and things such as computer systems to make sure that the employees have got a clean workstation is the responsibility of a janitor. They even ensure that essentials such as room freshener, soap, toilet paper etc are in supply. They make a list of the cleaning supplies that are needed and order for them. However, in big organizations they report to housekeeping managers. 
There are many more things involved in the job. It involves maintaining the outside of the office building. So, janitors perform duties such as watering the plants as well as trimming the lawns. They also shovel the snow and clean debris that lie around. In a few offices, you may find the janitor maintaining the landscape and doing the job of a gardener. They report to the manager if they observe any kind of health hazards on the commercial area.
Commercial cleaning services usually work at the odd hours. They do their duties when the offices are empty. The janitors who work for full-time put their efforts forty hours every week. However, there are even positions for people who look to work over the weekend or in the evenings.

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