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Get Your Hospital Cleaned With Pharo Cleaning’s Commercial Cleaning Services

admin May 22, 2014 0 Comments

Basically, the link between cleanliness of a hospital environment and patient outcomes was unknown and the rooms in the hospital were cleaned mainly for aesthetic reasons. Today, there is a science behind the importance of cleaning the consequence it has on lessening the spread of infection in a hospital. At Pharo Cleaning Services, we have highly trained professionals to keep the patient care spaces clean and safe from the infectious germs.

Specially trained commercial cleaners are authorized to clean the patient rooms

We have a team of highly professional and trained commercial cleaners who are responsible to clean only the patient rooms and the neighboring areas within the patient care units. Our cleaners can be deployed all over the hospital on a 24x7 basis. The scope of the professional cleaners goes beyond that of the average cleaning specialists as they can assist in infection control, helping in reducing the spread of infectious germs within the hospital.

Cleaning patient room thoroughly in hospitals

Patient rooms are cleaned on a regular basis and involves services like removing trash and cleaning floors, washrooms, bedrails, light switches, door handles, patient equipments and bedside tables.

Pharo Cleaning Services follows a set of cleaning principles that include:

  • Evaluating safety and mitigation risk for patients, staff, visitors and families. Hand hygiene is given a lot of importance and patient room cleaning is done using personal protective equipments
  • Cleaning of all the areas in a patient room right from low  areas to high areas
  • Observing the dwell time of some cleaning chemicals
  • Monitoring of cleaning practices and methods
  • Changing or replacing cloth/mop whenever needed
  • Use of specific chemicals in rooms of patients who are kept in isolation or is under any special care related to a suspected infection

After the patients are discharged from the hospitals, we manage to do a further thorough cleaning before any other patient gets admitted into that room.

Patients get a greeting from our commercial cleaners during their stay

Staying in a hospital is a scary and stressful experience. Unfriendly or unfamiliar faces coming in and going out of the room without giving any explanation adds up to the stress and anxiety. To give patients a positive experience, our cleaning staffs greet the patients with a warm hello when they enter their room and an explication as to why they are there.

To know more about our commercial cleaning services, stay tuned to our blog!

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