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Hardwood Floor Care : Do’s and Don’ts

Hardwood Floor Care : Do’s and Don’ts

admin April 11, 2014 0 Comments

If taken proper care of hardwood floors can last for a long time. As a professional offering hard floor cleaning services in NSW, here we have discussed about the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while treating the hardwood floors.


  • Dust, vacuum and sweep the floor regularly with a hard floor attachment. This will help in preventing the accumulation of grit or dirt, which may scratch or dull the finish of the floor.
  • Watch the feet of your pet. Keep their nails trimmed and their paws free of grease, dirt, oil, gravel and stains.
  • Before walking on the hardwood floor, remove shoes that have damaged or spiked heels.
  • Use floor protectors on the furniture for minimizing the scratches and indentations.
  • Make use of a dolly while moving heavy appliances or furniture. But, first lay a sheet of a quarter inch plywood for protecting the floor.
  • Use protective mats at the entry and exit points as that will help collect the sand, dirt, grit and other substances like asphalt, oil, driveway sealer, which may otherwise be tracked onto the flooring.
  • Rearrange your furniture and area rugs periodically so that aging of the floor takes place evenly.
  • Use a humidifier during dry seasons to help reduce the shrinkage of wood and maintain a standard relative level of humidity between 35%-55%
  • Make use of a soft cloth for blotting spots and spills the moment they occur.
  • Harden the spots that are caused by a chewing gum or candle wax with ice first and then scrape it gently using a plastic scraper.
  • Protect the floor from direct UV rays of the sun.


  • Damp-mop, wet-mop or clean the hardwood floor with water or any other kind of liquid
  • Use buffing machines or steam cleaners
  • Use paste wax, oil soaps or other kind of products which contain oil, ammonia or silicon for cleaning the floor
  • Use harsh chemical acids like steel wool pads, scouring powders or any kind of scouring pads that contain metal
  • Use two in one cleaners with polish, which may contain urethane polish or acrylics for restoring the gloss
  • Roll or slide heavy objects across the flooring
  • Allow liquids to stand on the floor-wipe immediately
  • Use vacuums with hard heads or beater bars
  • Use foam back, rubber or plastic mats as they will trap moisture and discolor the floor

How do you clean your hardwood floors? Do you use ammonia based cleansers or acidic materials for cleaning the floor? Never use them! Always follow the above-mentioned tips while cleaning the hardwood floors. You can also get in touch with us for your hard floor cleaning job in NSW.

For more tips and information on cleaning, stay connected to our Pharo Cleaning blog!

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