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How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn?

admin October 13, 2014 0 Comments
Although mowing the lawn is the most popular lawn care job still it is carried out improperly by a number of lawn care service providers. So, if you wish to have a top quality lawn in your commercial office area, you will first need to have an idea on when and how often the lawn should be mowed. Mowing frequently or at the wrong time may seriously degrade the vigor and condition of the lawn.
The grass should be cut somewhere in between not to short and not too long. If they are cut too short, then roots are not going to get sufficient food and their ability to take up water and nutrients through the roots may decline. As a consequence the grasses won’t be able to grow properly and there will be loss of vigor. On the other hand, if the grass is kept too long, then the lawn of your office area will look messy, which is surely not something that you as a business owner would want.
Make sure to remove only 1/3rd of grass blades’ height at a time when the lawn is mowed. If you wish to cut more than this height, you will need to get in touch with a company like us that can offer you lawn mowing in Forestville NSW on a regular basis until it’s at the height you want. However, still don’t allow your lawn mowing company cut more than 1/3rd at a time. The ideal height for a healthy grass is about 3-3 ½ inches.
The desired height of the lawn and rate of grass growth determines how often you should mow. Basically, mowing once in a week at the time of the growing season is more than enough to keep the lawn healthy in the commercial space. Rest of the time, the rate of cutting can be lessened to every other week. Good quality ornamental lawns made of fine grass types should be cut ever three days or so when rapid growth conditions exist. However, if it is drought, don’t mow the lawn because in such environmental conditions the grasses don’t grow actively. 
Make sure to get the lawn mowed when grass is dry because blades cut grass better. If the grass is mowed in wet weather, then the mower’s weight and your visitors and employees footsteps will cause muddy patches to appear and soil surface to become compacted making it difficult for the grass to re-establish itself in that area. The ideal time to cut lawns is during summer, autumn and spring.

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