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How To Care For A Lawn During Summer?

How To Care For A Lawn During Summer?

admin November 17, 2015 0 Comments
Summer is the best time to enjoy the beauty and greenery of a thriving lawn, but it is also the season to take suitable steps for ensuring proper care so that the grasses can bear the extreme heat. Many people believe watering the lawn during midday is advantageous, but little are they aware of the fact that it is completely the opposite of beneficial. Therefore, our professionals at Pharo Cleaning Services decided to put together some essential lawn maintenance tips for the approaching summer:
The Best Time To Water Is Early Morning
Watering the grasses in the morning will allow them not only to absorb most of the water, but also to perform photosynthesis and proliferate. Besides that, any extra water will evaporate due to the heat of the sun. However, spraying water at night would create a clammy environment for the grasses and inhibit their growth.
Too Much Watering Is Not Good
The key to building a healthy and strong lawn is not soaking it too often, but only two to three times every week. This will help its root system to develop and become capable of drawing water from deep levels under the ground. Frequent watering would be only good at forming a shallow root system. So even when it is time to spray water, the sprinkler or hose should be turned off or moved to a different spot before it creates a puddle.
Core Aeration Is Important
Just as water is important for the survival and growth of grasses, so is air. Aerating the soil will help them to have both in adequate quantities. The best way to aerate the soil is by perforating the ground with a garden fork at intervals of 15 centimetre over the whole lawn.
Mowing Should Be Done At A Proper Height
During the summer months, it is absolutely imperative that the cutting height of the lawnmower be raised. Doing this will prevent the grasses from drying out rapidly, because the long blades will safeguard the roots better. For professional lawn mowing services in Forestville, get in touch with our team at Pharo.
Controlling The Weeds
It is important to control weeds before they can sprout and destroy the entire lawn. Exercising natural means to do that is far better than spraying a weed killing chemical. The weeds can either be pulled out manually or with the help of a weeding fork.
To get a free quote for our lawn mowing services, contact our team at Pharo.

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