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How To Care For Linoleum Floors?

How To Care For Linoleum Floors?

admin November 20, 2015 0 Comments
Linoleum is very durable and entirely natural, often used as flooring material in high traffic areas like offices and commercial places because of its ability to resist scratches and retain patterns even after years of normal wear and tear. However, long-standing liquid and water spills or use of harsh chemical-based products for cleaning can cause the material to warp. Therefore, it is extremely important to use proper cleaning techniques for maintaining linoleum floors.
For proper linoleum maintenance and cleaning services, you can contact our expert team at Pharo Cleaning Services. Given below are some of the techniques that we generally follow in order to execute the cleaning task effectively:
Removing Loose Debris
In order to remove loose debris like dust, soil, dry food residue and mites from the floor, we sweep the floor initially using a broom with soft bristles. Once that has been done, we vacuum the floor thoroughly to get rid of any minute pollutant particles.
Eliminating Unnecessary Spills
As has been mentioned earlier, liquid or water spills can cause linoleum flooring to become warped or loose. Therefore, an important step of our cleaning process is elimination of any such unwanted spills with either a soft rag or damp mop. Sponges or pads are generally avoided because they can leave behind fine scratches. In case the floor has somehow been attempted to clean earlier using products containing ammonia, mild solutions are applied in combination with water for removing them without causing any damage to the linoleum.
Effacing Scuff Marks & Scratches
For obliterating annoying stains from shoes and scuff marks, we generally apply a kind of oil on them at first and let it stand for about a couple of minutes. After that, a paper towel or soft mop is used for wiping the marks clean from the surface. If there are minor scratches or burns on the linoleum, we make use of a nylon brush for buffing the flooring.
In order to ensure that the linoleum flooring remains protected from dirt and other detrimental substances, we apply a suitable wax solution to the floor. If the floor needs to be shined during the waxing session, we mix a little bit of oil with some warm water and use it for mopping the linoleum surface.
Pharo Cleaning Services specialises in cleaning and maintaining all kinds of commercial flooring. To get a free quote, get in touch with us today. 

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