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How to Choose a Commercial Strata Cleaner?

How to Choose a Commercial Strata Cleaner?

admin August 08, 2015 0 Comments

Maintaining cleanliness at workplace is important for well-being of the employees and upholding the company’s reputation. Proper strata management is crucial for your business. It is always recommended to hire reputable commercial cleaners to keep your office environment tidy as well as hygienic so that employees can work productively and clients form a good impression about your business.

When you are planning to hire commercial strata cleaners, there are certain aspects and elements which you will have to consider while making your decision. Our team at Pharo Cleaning Services have form a list of factors that must be kept in mind while hiring a professional strata cleaner:

Research Meticulously Before Considering for Hire

You may find the names of many cleaning firms in classifieds or online directories, but finding a firm who provides efficient office cleaning services in North Sydney can be quite a challenging task. When you are considering a professional firm for hire, go through testimonials  of their existing or previous clients. This will often help you to get a fair idea of the firm’s reputation and quality of their services. You can also take advice from colleagues and locate a putative strata cleaning company based on their suggestions.

License Proof and Insurance

Once you have chosen a professional firm for hire, scrutinize them thoroughly:

  • Either book an appointment at their office or request them to visit your business, and discuss your requirements frankly while making suitable enquiries about their efficiency.
  • Request them to show you a valid license as well as insurance proofs. Insurance is important as you would not be responsible if any mishap occurs during the cleaning activity; the cleaning firm will be liable for any accident that might occur. Ask for a written version of the insurance policy.
  • Also note whether they possess necessary accreditation from relevant authorities or not. This may include certifications for observance health and safety regulations, quality assurance, etc.

Service Scope

While some firms offering strata cleaning services may have limited scope of service and provide few inclusion while concentrating only on the primary aspects, there are many others offering a variety of services which will enable you to save additional costs and hassles. In short, the company you hire must address all the cleaning problems of your business.

Get Quotes

It is important to request for quotes from different service providers. Doing this, you will be able to compare the prices of different companies providing commercial cleaning services. However, bear in mind that inexpensive rates doesn't always mean good quality of service. Select someone who provides good quality service at reasonable rates.

We, Pharo Cleaning Services, perform all types of office cleaning, including commercial strata cleaning services in North Sydney  as per the recognised standards and regulations.

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