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How to Clean Restaurant Floors?

How to Clean Restaurant Floors?

admin August 21, 2015 0 Comments
One of the main things that need to be kept in mind is that the main source of dirt in a restaurant is the kitchen area. This area generates most of the grime and grease on floors, which are eventually picked up by shoes and carried to the dining area of the restaurant. Since a restaurant may have floorings of different types in these two areas, the task of cleaning may not be the same for both of them, which makes the cleaning process a bit difficult. What's usually seen is that the kitchens have quarry tiled floors, while the dining areas have a combination of different flooring types.
Cleaning the kitchen area of restaurant 
The natural resistance, traction and durability of the quarry tiles make them ideal to be used as flooring in kitchens with high traffic, but cleaning them may require quite a bit of elbow grease. Quarry tiles generally have pores in between them that can absorb oil and water, and often remains dirty even after the floor has been cleaned thoroughly. These pores can also trap soil and dirt from a mop, thus covering the grout with contaminants even after the floor has dried. In order to make sure that not a single bit of dirt is left behind, the solution which is used as a cleaner must be applied evenly on the quarry tiles. After that, the floor has to be vacuumed dry or wet for removing the dirty water instead of spreading it all around.
Cleaning the dining area of restaurant 
Cleaning the dining areas can be difficult than the kitchen spaces, because no standard type of flooring is used for this space. If its a wooden or a laminate floor remember that both can get damaged if cleaned with water or cleaners. Therefore, care must be taken so as not to use too much of either. However, using a microfiber mop along with a thin layer of some cleaning solution and a wet vacuum system can help to remove dirt from the flooring successfully. Not only will it eliminate soil and harmful contaminants, but also leave the floor completely dry. Standard vacuuming may also be used in conjunction for eliminating debris and dirt regularly.
Using of mops to be avoided 
Mops however can become the sources of soils and dirt quite easily. So, most professionals advise to eliminate its usage from the cleaning process entirely. They actually leave behind more contaminants, cause slips and falls and consume more time than needed for cleaning restaurant floors.
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