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How To Clean Up After the Holiday Party At Work?

How To Clean Up After the Holiday Party At Work?

admin December 28, 2016 0 Comments
A party at workplace right before the holidays is fun to go to. But once the enjoyment is over, the management is left with a mess, cleaning up which can be an overwhelming and onerous task. Keeping this fact in mind, our experts at Pharo Cleaning Services have come up with certain tips that can be followed to ensure an effective cleanup after an office holiday bash:
Gathering Everything On The Floor
The process of cleanup should be started by gathering everything at a certain area of the floor. First, all kinds of rubbish and useless items must be cleared off of shelves and table tops. Even if something was used like stand for holding food and drinks, it has to end up on the floor too.
Extracting The Big Items
Once all waste items are on the floor, bigger items like wrapping paper, plates, cups, plates, boxes, etc. should be extracted from the pile. Basically, anything that won’t go inside a vacuum needs to be separated. These items will have to be disposed off properly in trash bags.
Wiping All Surfaces
Next, all the surfaces within the space will have to be given a thorough wipe down using soap water solution. It should include all countertops, desks, tabletops and windowsills, particularly those places which are dingy and can favour the growth of bacteria. Once the soapy water dries on the surfaces, a second round of quick wipe down with sanitising wipes is essential.
Vacuuming Thoroughly
The floor must be vacuumed thoroughly for picking up all kinds of debris. Small bits of things, stray wrappers, crumbs and dust bunnies should also be cleared away, including the ones lying on the staircases.
Clearing Carpet Stains
If there are stains on the carpet from food or drinks accidentally spilled during the party, they will need to be cleared away using proper stain removal techniques.
If you need professionals to come over and clean up your office premises after a holiday party, then get in touch with Pharo Cleaning Services. We serve all types of commercial establishments across the suburbs of Frenchs Forest, Forestville, Chatswood & Brookvale in North Sydney. We would employ latest techniques and top notch equipment for clearing the after-party mess in the least amount of time possible.
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