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How to Ensure Cleanliness of Your Office Carpets Before The Christmas Break?

How to Ensure Cleanliness of Your Office Carpets Before The Christmas Break?

admin December 23, 2015 0 Comments
Christmas is about to arrive and it is time for your office to shut down for the holidays. But before the vacation starts, it is important to get the dirty carpets within the premises cleaned so that they would not pollute the indoor air while you and your workers are away. In order to help you do that, our team of experts have compiled a few tips that you can follow for ensuring cleanliness of your precious floor coverings before the Christmas holidays:
Thorough Vacuuming
Try getting the carpets vacuumed thoroughly for removing soil, dust and debris as much as possible. This can aid in lowering the concentration of allergens and contaminants that might be hidden within the fibres. A good way to vacuum would be by accompanying the cleaner with a rotating brush and a HEPA filter. More attention should be paid to those areas with high foot traffic.
Cleaning Up Spills
If you have arranged for a Christmas party at your office before the vacation, chances are high that someone or the other would accidentally spill food or drinks on the carpets. Be prepared in advance for such occurrences. Do not allow the spills to stand for long, otherwise they might turn into stubborn stains. A solution of some mild detergent or dish washing liquid and lukewarm water can be used for cleaning up the spills. Make sure that a small amount of the mixture is applied on the stained area and pressed down with a white towel. For removing the stain, the affected area should be scrubbed gently. Once the stain has been cleared, the area can be rinsed with a solution made out of water and vinegar. If somebody spills red wine on the carpets, you can use club soda for removing it. However, the whole carpet will have to be vacuumed after about 6 hours or on the next day.
Get Professional Help
If you feel that your office carpets have got way too dirty to be cleaned by in-house janitors, get in touch with our professionals at Pharo Cleaning. Using the highly effective method of hot water extraction, we would make sure that all kinds of dirt and pollutants which might be hiding deep within your carpet are removed. After the task of cleaning is complete, we would also dry your flooring materials within an hour to prevent the risk of mould and mildew growth.
Contact Pharo Cleaning Services today and request for our cost-effective and affordable carpet cleaning service.

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