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How To Keep Commercial Kitchens Clean?

How To Keep Commercial Kitchens Clean?

admin April 04, 2017 0 Comments
In a typical commercial kitchen, there are a number of places, such as benchtops, cutting boards and utensils, which can harbour countless disease-causing microbes at any given time. Ensuring a high level of cleanliness within a commercial kitchen is very important so as to maintain proper hygiene standards, otherwise staff as well as clients can fall ill, which in turn would mar the reputation of the business.
Our experts at Pharo Cleaning Services have shed some light on the right ways to ensure proper cleanliness within the premises of a commercial cooking space:
Observing The Principles Of HACCP
The popular food safety program of HACCP aids in reducing the risk of cross contamination or spoilage of food at the time of preparation, storage and cooking. Its principles also help to keep and prepare food at suitable temperatures, encourage safe practices and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. The staff of any commercial kitchen must have a sound knowledge of the HACCP principles.
Proper Cleaning Of Different Places
All surfaces within the space, including countertops, benchtops, cutting boards and also utensils, need to be cleaned effectively after use every day. The utensils should be washed using hot water and a good liquid detergent to eliminate any possibility of bacterial growth. Moreover, clean clothes or disposable paper towels must be used for wiping up accidental spills immediately. Using a high grade commercial warewasher for the dishes, utensils, cookware, etc can also help in eliminating bacteria and sanitising the items.
Regularly Vacuuming & Mopping The Floors
Floors of a commercial kitchen are where bacteria and grime tend to build up more often. As such, if the floors are made of quarry or ceramic, they should be sealed using a slip-resistant coating for ensuring proper hygiene, in addition to preventing the risk of slip accidents.
Preparation Of A Cleaning Schedule
A well-planned cleaning schedule can help in distributing cleaning duties ideally among members of the staff. Every person should be responsible for keeping his/her station neat and tidy. If there are not enough people to take care of the upkeep duties, it would be great to hire a professional.
If you are in need of quality professional cleaning services in North Sydney for your commercial kitchen, then get in touch with our team at Pharo. We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques for ensuring high-level cleanliness at economical rates.
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