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How To Keep Dental Offices Clean?

How To Keep Dental Offices Clean?

admin October 28, 2016 0 Comments
The office of a dentist, whether it is big or small, has to maintain a certain level of cleanliness for protecting the integrity of a patient’s health. After all, no individual would like to get their toothache checked at a place that looks untidy. Besides that, a dental office devoid of proper hygiene can house a wide spectrum of pathogens. As such, it is very important for members of the dental industry to implement the right measures for ensuring proper cleanliness and hygiene. Let’s take a look at what our experts at Pharo Cleaning Services have to say:
Sterilisation As Per Current Regulatory Procedures
Although it may sound surprising, there are still some dentists who make use of outdated sterilisation methods. Sticking to old procedures can prove to be harmful for the patients. That is why, changing with times is vital for professionals in the dental industry. There should be separate sections for new or clean and used or dirty items. Placing or wrapping cassettes, instruments and other pieces of equipment in self-sealing packages prior to keeping them in the statim or autoclave is essential. Keeping a detailed list of the correct and updated procedures can help.
Organised Reception & Desk Area
The reception area of a dental office plays a significant role in making an impression on visitors. In order to ensure that the impression is positive, keeping the helpdesk area organised and clutter-free is imperative. However, it does not mean that the area needs to look all cold and sterile. Of course, everything will have to be at its right place, but the section should also make the waiting patients feel comfortable.
No Cross Contamination
Cross contamination is something that cannot be allowed to exist within a dental office. There are certain viruses, such as Hepatitis B, that can stay active for more than 12 hours. Thus, the entire premise should be sprayed with a good disinfectant for eliminating bacteria, fungi and lipophilic & hydrophilic viruses. Patient chairs and X-ray sensors will need to be cleaned from top to bottom.
Appointment Of Professional Cleaners
Some may think of it as an unnecessary expense, but hiring professional cleaning service providers can definitely help with the task of maintaining cleanliness in a dental office. Not only would they ensure proper hygiene within the restrooms, but also prevent dirt and dust from accumulating anywhere else within the premises.
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