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How To Keep Hospitals Clean?

How To Keep Hospitals Clean?

admin August 02, 2016 0 Comments
Keeping the premises of a hospital or healthcare centre clean is the key towards prevention and control of infectious diseases. Besides that, there are several standards and regulations that need to be complied with for ensuring a safe, healthy and hygienic environment for all patients. Let’s have a look at the primary aspects of maintaining cleanliness with a hospital or healthcare facility:
Linen Maintenance
All hospitals make use of linens in large quantities on a regular basis, including bedding, gowns and towels. These linens need to be collected, washed, mended, ironed, folded and checked on a regular basis. The ones that have gotten old and are no longer useful should be disposed off properly. Besides that, suitable replacements must also be procured.
General Hygiene
Each and every area of a hospital needs to be mopped, cleaned and sterilised properly, especially the operating, diagnostic and waiting rooms. When a patient gets discharged or gets shifted to a different ward, the room in which he or she was in must be sterilised and disinfected thoroughly to prevent harmful pathogens from spreading. Besides that, surfaces such as doors, curtains, windows walls, etc. must be cleaned everyday.
Cleanliness In Patients’ Rooms
Ensuring the safety and comfort of patients within a hospital is utmost important. Therefore, it is very important to clean the laundry of their rooms daily. Besides that, the beds must also be arranged every day to maintain tidiness and order. Sterilising the toilets & sinks and mopping the floors within the rooms of patients is also necessary.
Enhancing IAQ
In order to enhance the indoor air quality (IAQ) within hospital premises, items that are biologically hazardous should be kept contained within trash bags and garbage bins. Also, it is important to form soiled bedclothes into rolls and place them inside linen bins. The trash bags containing used syringes, soiled dressings and other potentially hazardous objects should be kept tied in thick plastic bags.
Thus, in order to keep a hospital clean, following the above mentioned measures is a must. Not only would it help to prevent spread of infectious diseases, but also provide a hygienic environment for everyone.
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