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How To Remove Pet Stains And Keep Your Carpet Clean?

How To Remove Pet Stains And Keep Your Carpet Clean?

Admin November 13, 2018 0 Comments
If you have a lovable kitten or puppy at your home, then you all must be familiar with all the challenges with trying to remove pet stains from your carpet. There are numerous ways you can train pets to not destroy your carpet and floor, however still you can stop the accidents, pet accidents are bound to happen when animals live in your home. Anyway whatever the source of the mess is, it is necessary for you to clean the mess as soon as possible, to protect your carpet from getting damaged permanently. 
Identify Pet Odour Source
It might seem to you as an easy task, right? However, when you will look for the stain, you will not be able to find it as because pet odours does not assure that you will see the stain spot as well. There is a way to find out the spot, for that you will have to get down on your knees and hands and will have to sniff your way to the offensive odour. Now if you find this way inconvenient, you can also try out another way. Purchase a backlight from the market. Turn off all the lights of your room and close all the curtains, then turn on your backlight and look for the stain on the carpet, the pet stain will start shining. If you also find this way, then it is time to call the experts, the carpet cleaning experts have the desired skill and expertise, they will help you to point out the stain without much difficulty.
Treat The Odour
Now you have identified the stain spot, the next step is to treat the pet odour. This is a very difficult task, since the urine not only gets soaked into the carpet, rather it go all the way to the backing, padding, and also to the floor beneath. If this is the case, you can not simply wipe it out. Normal vacuuming or carpet cleaning will not work, you will have to visit the pet store and will have to purchase an enzyme spotter. The enzyme soaks the proteins of the urine that bacteria feeds on, and this bacteria is responsible for the odour. And this protein eating process continues until the odour is gone. 
It is recommended that you seek help from the carpet cleaning experts. If you visit a store and buy an enzyme spotter, you may find it costly. Besides the improper use of enzyme spotter can damage your carpet permanently. So, you should seek help from the carpet cleaning professionals, they will save both your money and time. They will clean your carpet at a reasonable price within time. You can find many professional carpet cleaners at Chatswood, select the one which suits your needs. 
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