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How to Use Signs For Keeping The Office Clean?

How to Use Signs For Keeping The Office Clean?

admin January 29, 2016 0 Comments
Keeping workers motivated for cleaning up their personal and common work spaces require a certain amount of gumption. You must understand that your primary aim must be to galvanise them, without being offensive or inciting resistance. Using signs can be a fun strategy for delivering the message pertaining to significance of a clean workplace. Signage can act as a gentle but effective reminder for employees to maintain cleanliness and order in the office.
If you think that using signs for ensuring neatness within office premises is a prudent idea, you can follow the undermentioned tips that our professionals have gathered from various sources after doing meticulous research:
Making Savvy Use of Words
At times, a simple memo written in an attractive font can be as effective as intricate graphics. For example, you can put up signs saying, “Keep This Area Clean, For You Spend A Major Part of Your Week In Here” for getting the point across. Another funny note that you can use is “Do Not Turn The Workplace Into A Store Room”. Try to make use of playful messages instead of sounding harsh. You may also utilise clever relevant quotes by famous people.
Adding Graphics
Incorporating graphics in your signs can aid you in reaching those who find visual messages appealing. For example, you can try using images of business documents stained with coffee for discouraging your workers from spilling beverages in susceptible work areas. A graphic depicting unclean dishes on a counter can spread awareness about importance of cleanliness in the common kitchen spaces. Adding red-coloured X’s across these images can make the point more obvious.
Attention Grabbers For Encouraging Tidiness
In order to get the attention of individuals about tidiness, you can deploy signs containing messages such as “Reduce Clutter Before It Reduces Your Productivity” or “Neat Workstations Equal Neat Office”. For encouraging neatness, you can use texts such as “Turn Clutter Zones Into Work Zones” along with graphics depicting a tidy and uncluttered desk having a computer and few accessories. Adding messages similar to “Important Items Only” can help in grabbing attention.
Stay tuned to our blog space for more tips and information about office and commercial cleaning and maintenance.
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