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Jelly Stains Removal from Office Carpet

admin December 02, 2014 0 Comments
While having lunch in your office, you may drop a bit of jelly on the carpet. However, removing jelly stains isn’t an easy affair. It is one of the most difficult stains to be removed from the carpet. It is definitely not your job to remove it. Rather call a professional who deals with commercial carpet cleaning services in North Sydney like Pharo Cleaning Services for removing your jelly stains from the carpet.
As a commercial carpet cleaning service provider we would only ask you to scrape up the excess jelly from the carpet with a butter knife or something alike and let us know quickly about the situation for getting it cleaned. After we come to know about the situation, we would first go the spot and then decide how to treat the stain. It is important to use the right stain removal technique or else the carpet may get damaged. Being in this industry for long and having skilled professionals as our staffs, we exactly know what type of carpet needs what kind of technique for jelly stain removal.
We first spray some lukewarm water on the jelly stain and then prepare the cleaning solution. Before applying the solution in the spot, we test it in an inconspicuous spot. This is an important step, which many carpet cleaning companies skip. But we always test the cleaner on a small portion, which is not noticeable. If the cleaner discolors or affects the carpet adversely, we remove it instantly using sponge and cold water.
If the cleaning solution doesn’t do any damage to the carpet, we apply it to the stain directly. We even moisten a clean cloth with the solution and lay it on the stain massaging it with a spoon. This method works with the cleaning solution into the commercial carpet without damaging the fibers or rubbing the stain in. We then blot the stain with paper towel and apply the cleaning solution again. Our staffs continue repeating this process until the stain is completely removed.
Even after so much of effort, if the stain persists, we make an alkaline solution, which we apply it to the stained portion with the cloth. We also do the same massaging with spoon. We then rinse the stain lifting the cloth from the carpet and spraying warm water onto that spot. Blotting the stain is the next step. We do it with sturdy paper towels. Lastly, we ensure to dry the carpet. We put a dry, clean dishtowel over the spot and place a plastic bag over it. After keeping it in that way for several hours, we remove the towels. The stain is gone then!

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