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Keeping A Classroom Clean

Keeping A Classroom Clean

admin January 12, 2016 0 Comments
Little hands as well as feet may make a pretty big mess, making it difficult to keep the classroom clean. So, this is a hard task but still you can be on top of the situation through intentional design of the classroom & daily upkeep. You can hire Pharo's commercial cleaning services and develop & use an organisational system for promoting cleanliness. Remove objects that are not needed and are just there for collecting dust if you really want to reduce the clutter & create a healthy environment.  
Eliminate clutter 
Just collect the stacks of paper, outdated textbooks, disorganised supplies and keep them aside all together. Eliminate the items that are not needed. Pharo Cleaning Services also suggests removing the upholstered furniture bean bag chairs & rugs for reducing dirt, pet dander, pathogens and dust mites, which may make children fall sick. A space that is uncluttered is easy to disinfect and clean. Moreover, uncluttered classrooms basically promote learning by getting rid of distractions. 
Children should know the importance of keeping classroom facilities clean. It is essential to educate them about this so that they can do their own part by putting things back in the correct place and throwing what's not needed in the dustbins. Also teach kids how they should wash their hands and clean their desks properly after an art work like painting. Have a garbage can for debris and snack wrappers. Allow us to wipe down the horizontal surfaces & door handles daily. 
Reduce exposure to different kinds of pests & allergens 
Pharo Cleaning Services suggests to clean the classrooms everyday and in a prompt manner after children have their food or drinks out there. Spills and crumbs basically attract rodents, cockroaches & other pests. Pharo can wipe down the surfaces with wet cloth. Leftover food needs to be discarded or stored in the containers. There are many teachers who discourage students to eat in the classroom telling them to eat in the outdoor spaces or cafeteria. 

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