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Maintaining Cleanliness Within A Retail Store

Maintaining Cleanliness Within A Retail Store

admin August 12, 2016 0 Comments
Running a successful retail business does not just involve implementation of effective visual merchandising techniques and ensuring good customer service. Maintaining cleanliness within the premises is also a vital requirement. This is because potential buyers wish to feel comfortable while visiting any kind of retail store. An unclean business can not only chase away customers, but also create an unhealthy environment for the employees working within. As such, keeping the premises of any retail store clean is very important.
Fortunately, there are certain strategies that can be implemented to ensure cleanliness within a retail store and have a positive impression on visitors. They have been cited below elaborately:

Maintaining The Floors
According to extensively conducted surveys, more than 42 percent of the people who visit a retail store have their attention focused on the floors within the place for most of the time. Therefore, the first step towards proper upkeep of a retail business is ensuring cleanliness of the floors, which can be done by placing heavy mats near the door for collecting dirt from shoes, spot-checking messes all throughout any business day. The premises should also be swept and mopped daily prior to closing time.
Keeping The Restrooms Clean
All the restrooms or toilets within a retail store should be maintained throughout the day as well. This is because even one messy visitor can leave a restroom inappropriate for use by everyone else. As such, regular upkeep after a couple or more hours on every business day is essential. Not only should the sinks and toilets be kept clean, but there must also be sufficient supply of soap, paper towels and toilet paper.
Hiring A Professional
No matter how much a retail store owner tries to keep the premises of the shop clean, achieving professional level results would not be easy. Their focus would be more on the business and purchases made by buyers than cleanliness. However, hiring professional cleaners can help to solve this issue effectively. While experts take care of the cleaning duties, the owner can peacefully handle transactions with customers.
If you require efficient and standard commercial cleaning services for your retail shop, get in touch with our professionals at Pharo Cleaning Services. We can serve any business or establishment located in Chatswood, Brookvale, Forestville and Frenchs Forest of North Sydney.
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