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Measures for Effective Commercial Window Cleaning

Measures for Effective Commercial Window Cleaning

admin June 09, 2015 0 Comments
Having a lavish business establishment with dirty windows can be compared to a pretty smile with yellow teeth. For a commercial property owner, it is essential to have windows that are regularly cleaned as they contribute to the overall appearance of the building and help to create a positive first impression on clients. Pharo Cleaning Services can help you with your window cleaning job and other office cleaning services in North Sydney. As an expert window cleaner, we also follow a few tricks for effective cleaning, which eases our work significantly.
  • After wiping off the windows, we consider cleaning them one more time using a squeegee that has got a soft and smooth rubber edge. This prevents the formation of streaks on the glass.
  • We avoid washing the windows in presence of direct sunlight for they will dry up quickly and form wash stains. Instead, choosing a cloudy day or performing the cleaning during evenings is more ideal.
  • To prevent dust from piling up on the panes or blinds, we use an antistatic spray after the cleaning work is complete.
  • We clean grey or black spots of mildew formed on the frames using a solution containing around 950 milliliters of water, 60 milliliters of household bleach and 30 milliliters of detergent. Precautionary measures such as wearing rubber gloves for protection of hands are also ensured. We use a sponge to apply the concoction on the mildew spots, wait for around ten minutes and finally, wash off thoroughly with water.
  • In order to keep dust and dirt away from the exterior surface of the windows, we consider applying a layer of floor wax on the sills.
  • Our experts at Pharo Cleaning Services use a duster or a dusting brush of a vacuum cleaner to clean the shades on a regular basis. Spotted or stained vinyl shades are cleaned with a sponge and a mixture of white vinegar and water.
  • If the inner surfaces of the windows get dirty frequently, then we advice the concerned person to replace the filters of the air conditioner. The filters of an air conditioner actually trap all kinds of dirt within a room. But after one or two months, their efficiency decreases and the dust starts accumulating on the window panes.
  • To eliminate nicotine layers formed on the glass of windows, our janitorial staffs clean using a solution prepared from lemon, ammonia and water. Ammonia removes the nicotine coating leaving behind a fresh fragrance of lemon.

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