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Myths About Office Cleaning Services

Myths About Office Cleaning Services

admin September 11, 2015 0 Comments
Maintaining a clean and tidy office not only helps to tackle the various health issues of employees and increase productivity, but also makes clients form a good impression about the company. Most businesses generally hire professionals to take care of the office cleaning task. But during the past few years, some rumours and myth have been going around about the services provided by these professional firms. Our experts at Pharo have come up with a few of such myths associated with office cleaning services in Chatswood. Have a look at them:
Myth #1: All Professionals Lack Efficiency
This myth has had a great impact on the industry of office cleaning. This is because of the startups who shut down soon after opening their business. It is mainly these startups who provide low quality services to their clients at high rates and tarnish the reputation of the cleaning industry. However, companies that have been in the trade for a long time always strive to offer quality work to their customers. Therefore, it is essential to look for firms that have a good reputation and been around for many years.
Myth #2: Most Cleaning Technicians Do Not Communicate Properly
Communication is one of the most important aspects of the relation between professional office cleaning firms and their customers. There are some service providers who do not respond quickly to crucial issues that necessitate professional handling. It is advised not to conduct business with such companies who do not possess a clean channel of communication.
Myth #3: Professional Office Cleaning Is Expensive
There are many people who believe that professional cleaning firms provide their services at extremely high rates. However, this is false. Most of the firms, except for some of the startups as has been mentioned in Myth 1, generally get the job done efficiently at reasonable rates. However, in order to find these firms, one must look at the different quotes and go with the one whose pricing model has been prepared in a very intelligible and conspicuous manner.
Myth #4: Office Cleaners Hinder The Regular Workflow Of Staff 
Businesses often think that professional cleaners hinder the regular workflow of staff working in the premises within the business hours. But nowadays, most professionals perform the cleaning task after working hours so that the workers may not get disturbed. 

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