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Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Tips

admin October 31, 2014 0 Comments
Carpets of commercial places and offices get soiled faster than any other places. Hence cleaning carpets of these places has to be very frequent. But frequent cleaning can make the fiber weak and damage the material faster. Moreover with the effect of toxic carpet cleaning solutions carpets of these places get damaged very quickly. Toxic chemicals also have negative effects on the environment. People visiting a restaurant, mall or shop may get affected by the after effects of these cleaning solutions. Employees working in the offices might face allergic problems due to the use of toxic cleaning solutions. Hence using non-toxic carpet cleaning methods and materials by commercial carpet cleaning services is a must. We at Pharo Cleaning Services, always use non-toxic carpet cleaning solutions.
Here is some of the non-toxic carpet cleaning tips that we use while cleaning commercial carpets. We will be glad to share them with you.
Use of baking soda happens to be great in terms of controlling odors. Baking soda absorbs moisture and odors from the rugs. We would recommend mixing a few drops of lavender oil and ground clove along with baking soda for odor control. We have got good feedback from various offices by following this method.
Coffee and tea stain is a common issue that happens in any office. Blot up the maximum amount of moisture with a dry cloth. Then blot the place with a mixture of water and vinegar and keep it for 15 minutes. Then blot up with a damp cloth.
Most of the hotels and shops face the issue of grease, as people come by car and step on the carpet. For this purpose we use corn starch. It absorbs the stain. Sprinkling cornstarch on the stain and keeping it for 30 minutes and then vacuuming it up is all that is done.
Regular vacuuming is the fastest and easiest way to clean carpets effectively without any toxic solutions. But it is difficult for most of the commercial establishments and offices to run the vacuum cleaner on a daily basis and so commercial cleaning services are hired. They do vacuum cleaning twice a day to keep the carpets clean naturally. This is regarded as the best organic way of cleaning carpets.
These are some of the methods that we follow while cleaning commercial establishments in an eco-friendly way. 

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