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Pharo Cleaning Services: Dos and Don’ts of Mopping Office Floors

admin November 12, 2014 0 Comments
Office floors get dirty quickly because all through the day employees and visitors walk over them. They are rife with bacteria and may stain very easily. Keeping them clean is very important and thus proper mopping is crucial. We are a professional company that offers commercial floor cleaning services in NSW. We help offices and corporate buildings to keep their floors clean by our cleaning services. Here are a few floor cleaning dos and don’ts that we usually follow to make the most of our time spent mopping. 

  • Clear the dust, dirt and other debris by sweeping before starting to mop. This makes the floor disinfected and cleaner.
  • Perform the job after the office gets over or before the office hours start. There is actually no point letting people dirty up the floor when you are cleaning it. However, we also have a few clients whose office remain open 24 hours a day, in such cases, we ask our clients if we can cordon off the area before starting to mop. If we get the permission, then we do that way, but if we are not allowed, then we have no other alternative but to clean while the people are still walking over.
  • When using a cleaner for washing away the grime and dirt, make sure to mix the product in correct proportion with the right amount of water. This is very important. If there is too much of water, the product won’t disinfect and if there is too little water, then the cleaner may leave behind a slippery residue which can cause accidents.
  • Clean the mop bucket. Wet buckets may be rife with germs and damp buckets may smell. We always rinse the bucket with vinegar and water after use.
  • Make a plan for mopping. We never start to mop from the middle of the room. 
  • Mop the hardwood floors. Water from mop may warp flooring.
  • Dump the mop water down the sink. We always dump it into a toilet or down the shower drain.
  • Leave the AC on when mopping. We open the windows to increase the airflow as well as circulation because this helps the floor dry faster. 

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