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Prevent Slips and Trips in Workplaces by Keeping the Floors Clean

Prevent Slips and Trips in Workplaces by Keeping the Floors Clean

admin February 18, 2015 0 Comments
Slips usually occur when there to very little traction or friction between the footwear as well as the walking surface. Some common causes of slips in office environment include oily or wet surfaces, occasional spills, weather hazards, unanchored and loose carpets or rugs and flooring surfaces that don’t have the same degree of traction of all the areas.
However, it has been observed that slips mostly take place when the floors are dirty or wet. But even if the flooring surface is smooth and contamination is present in very small amount, slip will even occur then.
Trips usually occur on uneven, damaged and poorly laid floors or on places where obstacles are left on unimaginable surfaces. They take place when the foot collide an object and causes to lose the balance thereby making you fall eventually. Some of the common causes of trips in offices include obstructed view, clutter in the way, poor lighting, wrinkled carpeting, uneven walking surfaces and so on. But it has also been observed here that trips in offices occur mostly when there are clutters in the way. 
So, what can be concluded is that floor cleaning is the most essential thing in controlling the slip and trip hazards. Floor surface contamination like oil, water and dust is mostly the cause of the slip accidents. Regular cleaning is the only solution for removing the contamination and reducing the accidents from happening. Sometimes it has been seen that cleaning present slip and trip hazards to those entering the area being cleaned including cleaners themselves. For instance, smooth floors that are left damp by mop are too much slippery. Moreover, trailing wires from buffing machine or vacuum even present an exposure to a trip hazard. Some of the reported figures involving major accidents show that if not cleaned, the floors may be at high risk for slips and trips.
Slips and trips are in fact a common cause of the major injuries at workplaces. Around ninety percent of these accidents cause broken bones. Floor cleaning is thus very much significant in preventing the slip and trip hazards.
Legal actions that follow an injury actually damage the reputation of the business, which a business would definitely not want especially if it is in Chatswood area. The insurance also covers only a very small part of the cost. So, it would always be better for these businesses to hire office cleaning services like us to keep the floors in a spic-n-span condition. 

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