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Products Used For Office Cleaning

Products Used For Office Cleaning

admin October 12, 2015 0 Comments
Let’s take a look at the different office cleaning products that professional companies offering office cleaning services in North Sydney generally use:
All-purpose Cleaner
These cleaners are usually sold in the market as spray bottles, and can be used efficiently to spot clean dirt and stains on kitchen countertops, tables in conference rooms, floors, reception area and desks in workstations. Professional firms generally use the ones having neutral pH in order to eliminate grease and dirt without causing any damage to the surfaces being cleaned.
Aerosol Graffiti Remover
Aerosol graffiti removers can help in imparting a professional look to office bathrooms. They are capable of removing stubborn stains of all types, such as those from ballpoint ink, crayon, lipstick, etc., especially from surfaces made of metal and tiles.
Gum and Wax Remover
This is a product that can protect precious carpet floorings. If somebody has accidentally dropped chewing gum, adhesive or candle wax on the carpets, using gum and wax remover can help to clean them flawlessly.
Compressed Air Dusters
These are very important for maintaining delicate computer equipment in a safe manner. Compressed air dusters generally make use of air blasts to clean dust and debris from hard drives, keyboards and monitors without damaging any part.
Erasing Pads
Erasing pads are used for extending the life of paints on interior walls and protecting them from damage. Pads made from melamine foam can be easily saturated using cleaners for removing scuff marks, fingerprints, dirt and crayon marks from walls.
Spray Disinfectant
This product is best for keeping recess areas clean. Besides dissolving stains, spray disinfectants can also eliminate pathogens like salmonella and staphylococcus. There are plenty of spray disinfectant types available in the market, which can meet with office requirements for allergies and other preferences. If some bleach-based spray disinfectant is way too harsh, there are always alternatives available for purchase.

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