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Safety Requirements for Cleaning Windows of Commercial Office Buildings

admin October 08, 2014 0 Comments
Window cleaning includes operations of wiping, washing and other procedures of cleaning windows, curtain wall components, window frames, building panels etc. As a professional window cleaning services, here we have discussed about the safety requirements for cleaning windows of all the commercial office buildings.
Windows shouldn’t be cleaned from inside or outside unless some means are provided to allow such work to be done in a safe way.
Provisions to prevent accidents because of overhead high voltage lines must be in conformance with High Voltage Electrical Safety Orders.
The window cleaners must have safety devices and equipments. They must maintain these equipments in safe condition for all time.
The window cleaners must have knowledge about the proper use of all the equipments that are provided to them and must supervise the use of safety devices and equipments to insure that safe practices of working are observed.
All the people cleaning windows of the office buildings should use safety tools and devices as needed herein.
Only the staffs who have been trained properly to handle the equipments must be assigned to work.
In commercial buildings where window cleaning job is performed in a manner where a person needs to stand on the sill for cleaning windows or needs to work from inside where window opening is of a size where the person working may fall through it to outside, there must be safety anchors installed for cleaning windows.
Lag screws shouldn’t be used in replacement or new installations.
Safety equipments and scaffolds shouldn’t be used with acids or any other kind of corrosive substances except when sufficient measures are taken for protecting the scaffold from being damaged in accordance with suggestions provided by the scaffold manufacturer or corrosive substance manufacturer.
Special protection should be taken by the user for protecting scaffold members, including any fiber,, synthetic rope or wire, when a heat-producing method is in use. Ropes which have been contacted by heat-producing method shall be regarded to be damaged permanently and mustn’t be used for the scaffold support.
Window cleaners shouldn’t pass from a window sill to another in outside of the building unless a belt terminal is connected. They shouldn’t work from a sill on which there is a slippery substance or an obstruction, which might harm their footing.
Washing from sill shouldn’t be done if there isn’t a minimum standing room on sill in relation to the slope.

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