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Steam vs. Chemical Carpet Cleaning

Steam vs. Chemical Carpet Cleaning

admin September 08, 2017 0 Comments
Carpet cleaning companies utilise a number of ways when it comes to carpet cleaning. But people are in a constant debate to find out the best cleaning solution between steam and chemical cleaning. Let's take a look at the undermentioned explanations to understand which one is better.
Steam Cleaning
Steam cleaning is a quick and easy way for achieving a clean carpet. It is simply for the ease of work. Yes, it is safe, but the process is applied only to minimise the working pressure. Steam cleaning is effective in killing 99% of bacteria and is completely non-toxic. It is the perfect method to ensure a thorough cleanup. If you're really inclined towards steam cleaning, you must hire professional carpet cleaners in Brookvale to enjoy the eco-friendly way of achieving complete cleanliness for your flooring investments.
Chemical Cleaning
The process of chemical cleaning may be effective, but it is a harmful method of cleaning. In the process of breaking down the enzymes, it often poses a threat to the users. Most chemicals that are used in the process are not safe. This is why, it is recommended to rethink your decision before opting for this service. Or, before hiring a company, make sure to ask whether they are using any harmful cleaner or not.
In addition to this, chemical carpet cleaning can brighten the fabric fibres on the carpet. So, if you noticed a discolouring carpet in your home, it is the time to consider the option of chemical cleaning to make them brighter once more.
So Which One Is Better?
Through surveys, it has been found that steam carpet cleaning is indeed the best cleaning solution. Chemical cleaning can be opted for curtains and mats which have a thin layer of fiber, and are situated in low-traffic areas.
When hiring a company for steam cleaning, make sure that they are experienced enough and use safe products on the carpets. You can easily find out how they work by checking the testimonial section in their website.
Be it steam or chemical, each carpet cleaning method is meant to be used for a different purpose. Steam cleaning is a milder one suitable for regular application, while chemical cleaning is a bit harsher and must be kept as a one time investment.
To discover more interesting facts about professional carpet cleaning, stay tuned to our blog space.

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