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Tasks Performed Under Routine Office Cleaning by Pharo Cleaning Services

Tasks Performed Under Routine Office Cleaning by Pharo Cleaning Services

admin April 09, 2015 0 Comments
Routine cleaning is mainly undertaken between 4:30 am to 8:30 am every weekday. We at Pharo Cleaning Services offer routine cleaning services at the best price. The office cleaning tasks that are performed and the frequencies in which they are delivered are given below.
Daily cleaning 
  • Sweeping/vacuuming with proper equipment keeping in mind the type of surface 
  • Removing debris and stain by spot cleaning
  • Detailing or spot vacuuming for removing rubbish and dust from carpet surface 
  • Removing entry mats to building and making them dirt free before replacement 
  • Cleaning the floor areas, pedestal pans, urinals, cisterns, taps and hand basins of washroom
  • Dusting and wiping all the wall tiles, painted walls, vinyl and laminated surfaces
  • Cleaning the mirrors, replacing/filling soap, cleaning sanitary napkin containers in the washroom 
  • Wiping tables, stoves and exteriors of fridges in the kitchens
  • Wiping the seats in the lunchrooms 
  • Spot cleaning all the painted surfaces, timber and other surfaces, steel furniture etc.
  • Dusting all the counter tops, tables, chalk rails and benches
  • Spot cleaning glass in the building entry points. Doors, display and notice cases, inquiry windows
  • Emptying all the garbage containers and ashtrays 
Weekly cleaning 
  • Damp mopping the external and internal passageways using a liquid cleanser 
  • Sweeping or air-brooming the paved walkways within 5 metres of the buildings 
  • removing dust from picture frames, appliances, cupboards, shelving etc. 
  • Removing dust as well as cobwens from visible surfaces 
  • Washing down the tables, bench tops and desks for removing soils and stains
  • Removing scuff marks from resilient, timber and vinyl flooring surfaces
  • Washing the inside part of the waste containers with antibacterial cleanser 
Monthly cleaning 
  • Damp mopping the verandahs, stairs, secondary entrances and other areas that do not experience much traffic with liquid cleanser 
  • Wiping all the telephone handset with a telephone disinfectant
  • Cleaning the laboratory floor surfaces thoroughly 
It must be noted that for the cleaners to complete their jobs, the office bins should be easily accessible. The window sills, desks, shelves and carpeted area should be clutter-free. Loose items that are residing in floor, near the bins or under the desks can be construed as waste and thus disposed. The office management should also note to keep all the valuable items stored properly for avoiding accidental disposal.

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