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The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

admin June 25, 2014 0 Comments

Carpets in the commercial areas provide an elegant look to the place. However, they tend to become filthy when placed in heavy traffic regions. In such a situation, it becomes essential to contact a professional cleaning company that offers commercial carpet cleaning services. The professional cleaning companies provide effective cleaning services depending on the fabric type and texture of the carpet. The expert cleaners are trained to provide effective cleaning services without hampering the daily schedule of the businesses.

The best carpet cleaning methods that are used by these professional cleaners are discussed below:

  • Shampooing: Floor buffers or rotator floor machines are used in this cleaning process. Solution tanks and nylon shampooing brushes are attached along with these machines. Loose soil particles are expected to be removed from the areas where shampooing method is to be applied. After assembling the machines the technicians mixes the carpet shampoos as directed by the manufacturer. In order to spread the shampoo evenly over the whole carpet, the cleaners carry the machine in a circular motion. They continue the process until it brings the shape of the letter ‘C’. To remove out the soils and dirt they move the machine in a circular motion and then extract the shampoos with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Hot water extraction or steam cleaning: A steam machine is used to carry out this cleaning procedure. This machine is necessary for splashing hot water along with the cleaning solutions on the particular areas of the carpet. While carrying out the cleaning process the cleaners start from the far end of the carpet and then move backward. This procedure is completed by providing a dry pass to the moist areas with the help of a wand.
  • Quick Dry cleaning: Bonnet cleaning is the most popular method, which is included in this category. This quick drying technique is preferred over steam cleaning. Same machine is applied, which is used for the shampooing technique, but the attachments differ. A block driver is used by connecting to the machine which is responsible for holding the absorbent pad. The cleaning solution which is mixed into the pressure sprayer is dispersed over the cleaning areas.

You can find a lot more information, tips and advices about commercial carpet cleaning. So, to know more, stay tuned to our blog!

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