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The Right Way To Maintain Plexiglass Windows

The Right Way To Maintain Plexiglass Windows

admin March 08, 2016 0 Comments
Plexiglass, a popular brand of acrylic used for manufacturing storm windows, can get dirty as easily as their glass alternatives. In order to maintain Plexiglass windows and keep them looking new for many years, it is important to have them cleaned on a regular basis. And the best way to do that is by hiring reputed cleaning contractor like Pharo Cleaning Services for taking care of the task.
Since Plexiglass windows are prone to scratches, they are cleaned by exercising extreme care using suitable techniques. Let’s have a look at the primary steps involved in the entire process:
Assessment of Dirt Levels
The foremost thing that is done for cleaning Plexiglass windows properly is analysis of the dirt on them. This helps in determining whether a strong solution would be required for eliminating the dirt or a mild one. If there is nothing more than light dust coatings, water would be enough for getting the job done. In case of heavy dirt, however, cleaners generally make use of a non-abrasive solution that does not contain ammonia.
Cleaning Solutions Used
Besides ammonia, there are several other substances which can damage Plexiglass windows if present in the solution used for cleaning them. These include acetone, halogens, gasoline, ketones, and others. Professional cleaners generally avoid using solutions that contain any of these detrimental substances or other solvents.
Elimination of Scratches
Even if scratches do not appear on Plexiglass windows at the time of cleaning, steps are always taken for eliminating the ones that might be present already. Most professionals make use of various rubbing compounds such as car wax for removing minor abrasions from acrylic. However, it is not possible to remove deep scratches using the same method.
Light Cleansing
For cleaning off dust from Plexiglass windows, usually a clean non-abrasive cloth and water is utilised. First, the cloth is moistened with water and then rubbed over a certain area until it becomes clear of dust. During the procedure, the cloth is wetted continuously for removing the dust accumulated in it.
Heavy Cleaning
To clean heavy dirt from the exterior surface of Plexiglass windows, a non-abrasive cleaner and some water is applied on a clean piece of cloth, which is then used for wiping the windows. Once that has been done, another clean cloth is moistened with water and then utilised for washing off the solution from surface.
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