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The Two Best Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines

admin August 22, 2014 0 Comments

Carpet is undoubtedly one of the precious and adorable accessories of an office. It enhances the beauty of the commercial facility. So, keeping it clean is undoubtedly necessary and the best option to increase the life of it. If you are running a business of a hotel, restaurant, bar or spa where a carpet plays an important part, you should always make sure to keep it neat and clean every time. You can hire professionals like us for your commercial carpet cleaning services.
We clean carpets effectively using various kinds of machines. However, here we have discussed about the two best kinds of carpet cleaning machines-the vacuum cleaners and the steam cleaning machines that we often use for commercial carpet cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner

This is multi-tasking equipment for cleaning carpets. It is a device that is widely used for commercial cleaning purposes. Generally it is used for surface cleaning. Through vacuum cleaners dirt and spots can be removed very easily and fast.

There are 3 types of vacuum cleaners available in the market.

1. Up-right

Up-right is mostly used for surface cleaning. It is generally used for cleaning large areas.

2. Hand held

Hand held is used in areas where you cannot bring the large up-right into action. Places like staircases, car seats can be easily cleaned by this kind of vacuum cleaner.

3. Spotter

Spotter is very effective in cleaning spots and stains from rag surface. This is not generally used for large cleaning. With fast suction method it can clean the spots easily.

Steam cleaning machine

This is used for cleaning carpets effectively of a large area. It is considered as one of the best commercial carpet cleaning tools. This machine injects steam containing cleaning solvent into the carpet fibers. There is a rotating brush that loosens up the dirt from the fiber. It is a machine that can clean the dirt from the deepest part of a carpet which a normal vacuum cleaner is not able to do. As it uses steam, therefore there is an in-build heater to heat water and for drying up the fiber instantly.

To know more about carpet cleaning tips, stay tuned to our blog!

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