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Tips For Effective Shopping Mall Cleaning

Tips For Effective Shopping Mall Cleaning

admin November 28, 2016 0 Comments
Shopping malls are one of the busiest places in any city, since they serve as the shopping, entertainment and dining hub for a large number of patrons everyday. As such, they require effective cleaning in order to eliminate the dirt, grime & debris left by heavy foot traffic, establish a positive environment for everyone and prevent slip & fall accidents. Although the task of maintaining cleanliness in shopping malls can seem onerous and challenging, there are certain tips that can be followed to make things easier.
Our experts at Pharo have a few tips that can help to perform effective shopping mall cleaning:
No Mop & Bucket
Modern shopping malls are usually constructed to cover a large area and therefore, their floor surfaces are extensive. Thus, using mops and bucketsful of water to clean them is a ridiculously time-consuming and labour-intensive process. Moreover, it makes the floors wet, spreads the contaminants all around and increases the risk of slips & falls. As such, it is better to vacuum for removing pollutants instead. Doing so can allow to access the floors right after cleaning, since they will be completely dry. In addition to that, it will also eliminate the need to place ‘wet floor’ signs.
Starting From The Entrance
In order to stop dirt and other debris right at the door, shopping mall authorities should place mats inside and outside all the entryways. The mats would collect pollutants from the shoes of customers and thereby, prevent them from getting distributed all throughout the place. The mats, however, must be monitored and cleaned regularly to make sure that they effectively serve the intended purpose.
A Detailed Strategy
There should be a carefully and effectively planned strategy to help ensure cleanliness in all areas of a shopping mall. Each and every floor should be cleaned one or more times daily. Staff must be ready to clear up accidental food and drink spills too. Areas susceptible to excess moisture & spills, such as entryways, food courts and restrooms, need to be monitored regularly.
If you require professional cleaning services for your shopping mall in North Sydney, then get in touch today with our team at Pharo Cleaning Services. We are currently well-equipped to serve any commercial establishment in Frenchs Forest, Forestville, Brookvale and Chatswood.
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