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Tips For The Perfect Office Lawn

Tips For The Perfect Office Lawn

admin February 02, 2017 0 Comments
Most of the times, office buildings put a lot of focus on the need to keep their premises spic and span for upholding a good image in front of their clientele, patrons and employees. However, in the process, the important requirement of ensuring cleanliness of the outdoor space is more or less overlooked.
It is equally vital to keep the exteriors of a commercial property neat and tidy, especially the lawn. If you own an office building in North Sydney and it has a dirty lawn, you might be repelling a few clients everyday even though your interiors are pristine. Here are some tips that can be followed to achieve that perfect office lawn:

Mowing At The Right Time

Grasses should be mowed neither after a fixed period of time nor everyday. In fact, they must be cut short only when they have grown beyond their optimal height. The frequency of cutting would depend on seasons - more during the summer season and less in autumn.

Varying The Pattern Of Cutting

A lawn, irrespective of whether it belongs to an office building or a residential property, must not be mowed in a specific direction all the time. Rather, varying the pattern can allow the grasses to grow upright as well as prevent the development of ruts in the soil.

Not Trimming Wet Grass

When the grasses are wet, trimming them can lead to uneven cuts. In addition to that, the clippings might even clog the equipment, and also mat on the vegetation, thereby blocking sunlight.

No Scalping On Uneven Surfaces

If the ground on which grasses are growing is uneven, then it is better to avoid scalping either by raising the mower’s deck or regrading the entire lawn. In case there is a need to mow over a slope, then it must be done diagonally, because it’s safer.

Sharp Blades

The mower being used for cutting the grasses has to have blades that are ideally sharp for the task. Dull blades would fail to make neat cuts and cause the grass to rip & tear, leaving them prone to pests and diseases.
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