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Tips To Clean Up After An Office Party

Tips To Clean Up After An Office Party

admin March 18, 2016 0 Comments
In an office party the employees forget about their busy schedules for a few hours and spend some quality time with colleagues. However, organising a party within the office premises can be a tedious job for the management. Besides that, cleaning up once the fun is over could be even more stressful.
Considering the aspect of ensuring cleanliness after an office party meticulously, our experts at Pharo Cleaning services decided to put down a few tips that can help in making the task easier:
The first and foremost thing to do while cleaning up after an office party is decluttering, which means clearing out the waste and freeing surfaces that need to be wiped. Sorting out the waste items, glass and paper in separate bin bags can be great. Not only would it help to clear up the space effectively, but also get the bin bags ready for the right garbage bins.
Planning Ahead
Although it may sound really boring, but planning the cleanup before organising the fun can help a lot in clearing out the mess later on. For example, one can place small waste bins at discreet and convenient spots throughout the office where employees can dump used cutlery and paper plates. It would reduce the amount of mess to be dealt with at the end of the party.
Using Air Fresheners
Even after mopping up all spills and wiping down the surfaces carefully, stubborn stenches can linger within the office and make the workers feel uncomfortable when they return. A good way of dealing with this problem is by placing air fresheners throughout the area for replacing foul odours with fresh and light fragrances.
Hiring Professionals
The best way, of course, to ensure cleanliness of an office after a party is by hiring professionals for taking care of the job. We at Pharo Cleaning offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services including hot water extraction for carpets. We always make use of natural, non-toxic & safe products and can even tailor our services as per requirements of the client. Our professionals are well trained and have the knowledge required to take care of a cleanup job after an office party competently. We would make sure the premises are clear of any waste long before arrival of the employees.
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