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Tips To Ensure Proper Restroom Sanitation In Commercial Buildings

Tips To Ensure Proper Restroom Sanitation In Commercial Buildings

admin October 19, 2016 0 Comments
Maintaining the cleanliness of restrooms in any commercial, institutional or industrial facility can be a difficult and overwhelming task. This is because these small spaces generally house billions of pathogens that can easily get transferred to occupants of the premises. As such, cleaning tasks are required to be executed carefully and effectively so as to eliminate most the disease-causing microbes without spreading them. There are certain tips that can help to implement proper restroom sanitation in commercial buildings:
Preparing A Checklist
Having a cleaning checklist would help in ensuring successful completion of each task associated with maintenance of hygiene in the restroom. The facility manager will be greatly benefitted with the checklist because it’d help him or her to track the accomplishment of expected duties, such as cleaning of mirrors and sinks in the toilet, re-stocking of soap dispensers, ensuring availability of toilet supplies like toilet papers, paper towels, etc. and emptying trash bins.
Deterring Cross-Contamination
Restrooms comprise several frequently touched objects such as toilet seats, urinals, sinks, faucets, door handles, flushing levers, partitions, counters, paper towels, soaps and so on. The greater number of times a contaminated surface is touched, the more are the chances of the surface to spread microbial pathogens. In order to prevent cross-contamination, high-contact surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis.
Allowing Sufficient Dwell Time
If stand-alone disinfectants and multipurpose products are used for cleaning the restrooms, they should be allowed to remain on the surfaces for as long as instructed by the guidelines of their labels. Doing so would allow to achieve the best results. None of the products should be simply sprayed and then wiped out. It is important to read as well as follow the given instructions properly for maximising efficacy and safety.
Hiring Professionals
No matter how much the in-house cleaning staff tries, they would never be able to make the restrooms look as spick and span as professional cleaners. Thus, opting for commercial cleaning service will not only help to ensure proper restroom sanitation, but also aid in making a good impression on visitors.
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