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Tips to Follow by Employees for Keeping their Office Kitchen Spick and Span

admin September 04, 2014 0 Comments
Its 10.am and you go to put your lunch in the office fridge…what you find are some remnants of sandwich of the last month. They have gone green! Keeping the office kitchen clean and orderly is an important issue and this every employee must keep in their mind. But generally it has been found out that employees seem to forget their manners and etiquette when it comes to keeping their office kitchen clean.
As one of the companies offering commercial cleaning services in NSW, here we have given some easy to implement tactics, which all the staffs should take to keep their office kitchen and eating area in a spick and span condition. 
  • If it’s because of you that something in the kitchen or the eating area like benches, table, microwave or any other thing has gone dirty, don’t keep it just like that. Straight away clean it. 
  • It would be great if the staffs schedule a clean out day for fridge. There are a few workplaces, which do this on Friday whereas some others prefer doing this daily. Also remember one thing-to throw the food products that have crossed their expiry date. By doing this, you will definitely help someone saving his or her job.
  • The trash bin may become full or jammed at one point of time. In that case, don’t keep throwing more rubbish into the bin. Either call a professional office cleaning services for emptying it or simply get rid of it by yourself. 
  • Refill the containers with pepper, salt or sugar when you find them to be empty. 
  • After using the crockery, cutlery and other supplies, clean them up and put them away immediately.
  • Don’t touch the things which aren’t yours. Theft of food is a very common problem in workplaces where there are shared food storage spaces. Be courteous and show some respect for your co-workers. This will reduce the amount of tension and aggression amongst you to a great extent.

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