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What Is Sick Building Syndrome?

What Is Sick Building Syndrome?

admin June 15, 2016 0 Comments
Sick building syndrome is a peculiar condition that generally affects people having to work in unhygienic office environments. It is, in fact, a combination of symptoms which typically include headaches, fatigue, irritation of the mucous membranes inside nose, eyes & throat, and itchy & dry skin. Unlike other diseases, the symptoms of this condition start disappearing when the patient stops staying within the premises of the untidy building.
People suffering from sick building syndrome are not actually affected by any illness that a regular doctor can identify. The inconspicuous symptoms experienced by them, however, are undeniable. This fact has been confirmed by many experts of hygiene and indoor air quality (IAQ). The symptoms become so severe at times that the patient has no choice but to leave their work.
At present, sick building syndrome is more common than most of the diseases related to unclean office premises. It reduces regularity of employees and mars their performance, which in turn has a negative impact on the productivity of the company. Sick building syndrome is believed to be caused by a wide range of pollutants, such as dust particles from carpets and office equipment, chemicals from photocopiers and other contaminants that mix with the indoor air and degrade it. Some people also blame too bright or low lighting as the cause. Others say that poor ventilation and air conditioning systems can also be responsible.
The foremost thing that a company should do to protect their employees from sick building syndrome is to cleanse the indoor air. It is important to maintain the premises on a regular basis. However, asking employees to take care of the cleanliness can affect their productivity. That is why every company should hire a reputed commercial cleaning service provider. The professionals would not only be able to ensure cleanliness by performing regular maintenance, but also improve the quality of indoor air using specialised equipment and products for office cleaning.  
In addition to hiring a cleaning service provider, a business must take care of the following and impose in-house rules if necessary:
  • Air grilles or vents should not be blocked.
  • There should be a specific area for those who want to smoke. It must be located far away from the space where employees usually work.
  • Taking care of the office plants properly is also important. They should not be neglected or over-watered.
  • Eating areas will have to be cleaned every day.
Following these measures can definitely help to combat sick building syndrome effectively. For more information about commercial cleaning, stay connected to our blog.

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