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Window Cleaning Equipments and Their Functions

Window Cleaning Equipments and Their Functions

admin March 02, 2015 0 Comments
A company should always maintain the professional look of its building by keeping its windows cleaned. It should always hire professional cleaners who are experts in window cleaning for doing this task. As a professional cleaning services in North Sydney offering commercial window cleaning services to our customers, here we have discussed about some of the most essential window cleaning equipments that are often used as well as the functions that they offer.  
The washer is the tool that is used for applying window cleaning solutions to the window. It essentially does the cleaning and scrubbing job. It comes in various sizes and makes. Microfibre sleeves use the cleaning power of the microfibre technology for giving as much contact as possible with the surfaces. The sleeves with abrasive pads are useful for the windows with caked on or stubborn impurities. 
Squeegee is the tool that is used for drying the window. It generally consists of three parts-the rubber, the channel and the handle. The bigger the squeegee, faster they will be able to clean. If this is what you think-you are wrong! This is not always the case. You should remember that a big window can always be cleaned with a small squeegee but a little window can never be cleaned with a big squeegee. 
However, there are many handles that offer quick release functions. This allows to quickly change the channel you are working with and helps to select the right squeegee size because with it you can keep a number of channels on hand and choose the one that is most appropriate to the windows for cleaning. 
The squeegee rubber is responsible for a crustal clear, streak-free and professional finish. The better the condition of the rubbers, the better the windows will look. It is thus essential to change the rubbers when they start to get rounded, dull or have nicks in them. These imperfections in the rubber actually cause the windows to streak. 
This might sound a bit obvious, but this is one of the most essential tools that is needed for window cleaning. However, the bucket needs to be long enough for the washer. For instance, if the bucket is 35cm long and the washer is about 45cm, then the washer won't fit. 
The scraper is generally used for removing any kind of impurities, which are caked on the window like bird droppings, mud etc. It usually has a sharp razor blade, which when run along the window and mowed can remove the impurity. As the razor is flat against the window, the glass won't be scratched. Using this tool is important for getting a professional looking result because any raised impurities in glass will nick the squeegee rubber and create streaks. 
Extension Pole 
For working at the heights, extension pole is a vital tool. The extension pole needs to be a bit longer than the one you think you may need because while extending them to maximum length, you are sure to lose some of your strength as well as your rigidity. All the window washers and squeegee handles are generally designed to be attached to the extension pole.

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