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We offer great services for the buildings, offices, and walkways. Periodical cleansing for entrances and walkways is a very good idea to keep the areas safer for the customers and employees. Keeping the building floor clean and removing the debris will make your business look professional and inviting. A clean walkway also keeps the interior cleaner by keeping the customers and employees from tracking in grit that can spoil carpets and wear down the hardwood and vinyl floors.

Pharo cleaning services includes:

Fast Blast Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Fast Blast Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Cleaning the hardest floor turns easy when you have the right equipment. There are several machines available to clean everything from high-end residential tile to warehouse concrete floors. Our cleansing services will offer you with these machines for the cleansing needs of your floor.

We will offer you with standard floor machine, which the most versatile floor cleansing machine. These machines are capable for fast blast hard floor cleaning to clean any type of hard floor. If you have wood floors, then also our effective cleansing services will ensure that your floor becomes free of scratches. Both grout and tile cleaning is possible with our modern cleaning services.

For hard surface floor cleaners our nylon brush set will help to tackle most of the cleaning needs. The large brush set is used for wider coverage like scouring tile grout. Whether bathroom or kitchen tile grout will look like new again with the hand held steamer.

Our expert cleaners help to eliminate dust, dirt, oil and other contaminants that make your floor look new. We extract hidden dirt from deep within the boards, dry, and clean the surface of the floor, and then apply a shining top coat.
Our service includes:

  • Removal of large pieces of dirt and debris
  • Our intensive floor treatment aggressively attracts the tough dirt.
  • Our specialized equipment will clean your floor completely and will leave your floor dry.
  • Our expert technicians will clean difficult-to-reach corners and edges by hand and also picks up any final dirt or residue.

Our cleaning services will save your lot of time and work. We understand that maintaining hard floors takes a lot of work, but we are pleased to offer you a service that makes the task easier. Our goal, first and foremost, will help you to enjoy and preserve your flooring.

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