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We offer great services for the buildings, offices, and walkways. Periodical cleansing for entrances and walkways is a very good idea to keep the areas safer for the customers and employees. Keeping the building floor clean and removing the debris will make your business look professional and inviting. A clean walkway also keeps the interior cleaner by keeping the customers and employees from tracking in grit that can spoil carpets and wear down the hardwood and vinyl floors.

Pharo cleaning services includes:

Toilet & Bathroom Care

Toilet & Bathroom Care

Bathroom is one of the most important places of all. The bathroom is a space which is renovated correctly and will add some value to your home. Every home requires a hygienic, comfortable, are reliable bathroom toilet. We will provide you eco-friendly bathroom cleaning services along with toiletries, papers, and fresheners. If you really want to impress others, you must treat your washroom seriously as the rest of your business.

Our cleaning services provide a comprehensive range of bathroom hygiene products combined with proactive hygiene services designed in order to ensure your needs. Pharo cleaning also provides you with air fresheners, if you use will make your bathroom smell fresh. It minimizes and controls unpleasant odors. We have huge range of air fresheners to control fragrance dispensing to suit your preference.

Our toilet and bathroom cleaning services will take care of the grime and will efficiently restore the shine of your bathroom and will help to sustain the optimum sanitary conditions of your bathroom. We will do extra rinse and flush so that there will be no detergent left after the cleaning and all the areas will be sanitized.
Our services include:

  • Wiping the mirrors, counters, toilet fixtures, and tiled walls
  • Removal of soap scum from bathtubs, tile, and sinks
  • Clean shower stall
  • Wash baseboards, window sills
  • Wash floors, and
  • Empty garbage

We use soft sponges and brushes while scrubbing. By using this, there will not be any scratches or marks on the walls or tiles that you clean. Faucets may be clean all the time, but still we do not forget to clean them. Just dry your faucets after our cleaning. We employ the latest technology in cleaning services will do an excellent job for you.

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