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We offer great services for the buildings, offices, and walkways. Periodical cleansing for entrances and walkways is a very good idea to keep the areas safer for the customers and employees. Keeping the building floor clean and removing the debris will make your business look professional and inviting. A clean walkway also keeps the interior cleaner by keeping the customers and employees from tracking in grit that can spoil carpets and wear down the hardwood and vinyl floors.

Pharo cleaning services includes:

Vinyl & Linoleum care

Vinyl & Linoleum care

Vinyl and Linoleum flooring is very popular now. It’s available in variety of colors and style. High gloss laminate flooring provides will provide you with beveled edges and it comes in wide variety of wood grains, including walnut, oak, cherry, pine, maple, pecan, etc.

With us, you’ll be assured of lasting shine of your carpets. Our services include:

  • We will wipe spills as soon as possible.
  • Get your floor washed with expert floor cleaners and return your floor’s original shine
  • We use floor protectors for vinyl and linoleum floors.

Vinyl and linoleum are used for making hard-wearing and waterproof surfaces for the wet rooms in your home. Linoleum consists of natural fibers while vinyl is man-made. Our team cleans both the surfaces by removing grit by either sweeping or vacuum. Our professionals use diluted detergent to make the floor clean. We take care in such a way that the floor doesn’t get overly wet. A glossy finish is maintained on the floor by coating with water-based polish for linoleum or vinyl.

You can achieve amazing results with our vinyl and linoleum care. Our benefits are:

  • Save your cost of replacing old vinyl and linoleum floors.
  • The vinyl and linoleum floor surface lifetime is prolonged.
  • This type of floor is easier to maintain.
  • Available for 24 x 7 in order to minimize disruption to your business.
  • Usage of non-toxic finishing agents that is safe for you to breathe
  • Once the floor is polished it lasts long.

Our cleaning services include effective cleaning and polishing of vinyl and linoleum. We polish the uppermost layer of your vinyl and linoleum and thus prevent dirt and liquids from penetrating the floor. Cleaning is done periodically, at least twice a year. We strip the previous polish and apply a new layer which will ensure maximum shine in your floor. Our services will eliminate permanent stains, burns, and deep scratches.

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